Oracul of the Universe is an effective divination tool based on Sakha cosmogonic mythology.

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Some things are constant, for instance, human's nature to explore and learn the unknown, the future and destiny. In this section will be given a brief information how people in Post-Soviet Siberia and Russia people use fortune telling methods to spend the entire year's cycle enjoyably.


Shamanic practices were the first ancient spiritual, supernatural methods to keep balance between human and nature. As the society developed more subcategories been added to this supernatural practices.

Nature &
self care

When we care about ourselves we care about others. So do not forget to care about yourself.


Paganic rituals are beneficial to nature and earth hence we benefitting as well. We are working together on wellbeing for the future humanity.


Udagans are female shamans who have been playing an important role in many cultures. Let's speak about who they are.


Here will be given some free resources for you to practice your inner self paganic supernatural ability.

Oracul of the universe
cosmogonic magic

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